Why do I need OptiMailer email marketing?

Email is - without question - the quickest and most cost effective way to promote your business, to get back in touch, to generate enquiries and drive sales.

We love reading the reports saying that in the future, millions will be earned for every pound spent on email marketing... and maybe it will. In the meantime you can be sure that email marketing will return a profit for your business... no question. OptiMailer Email Marketing provides you with a solution to fit any budget to ensure you are making the most of your relationships with new and existing customers alike.

Not just for customers

Your contact or subscriber lists are not just about your customers. OptiMailer Email Marketing can provide you with easy and cost effective way to promote your business to everyone you’ve dealt with in the past, or will deal with in the future.

  1. Customers - new and existing
  2. Current Prospects
  3. Luke warm leads
  4. Those that said “not at the moment”
  5. and those that just said “No”

How has your business changed?

It's very likely that your business has progressed and evolved over time. Have you taken on new product range or added to your range of services? Perhaps you’ve diversified from your core business. It’s likely that your frequent customers will know of these changes. But do your non-customers? Are you now offering something that will convert the NOs to YESs? Start using OptiMailer Email Marketing, and let them know now!.

Revitalise lost business

How many doors do you need to knock on to get one piece of new business? How many Google clicks are there to gain a new customer? How many email enquiries do you respond to before winning a new client?
If you need to knock on 20 doors for 1 win, lets not forget the 19 we lose. If it takes 60 calls to win 1 new client, lets ensure we keep in touch with the 59 others. If 400 people click for 1 customer - lets see what we can do about capturing the details of the other 399. Your existing sales activity is already generating 10s, 100s possibly 1,000s of non-customers.

Ensure you get their emails and permission to keep in touch.

What about the environmental impact?

If you are a company that cares about their CSR (corporate social responsibility), and in fact every company should - we would ask you to consider the environmental impact of sending traditional printed marketing (paper usage, postage and transporation etc.) versus 'carbon neutral' email marketing by OptiMailer... We believe there is no 'greener' alternative.

Don't waist any more time - click here to find out how easy OptiMailer is to use for all your email marketing activity.